Wanted: Object Modeling Architects

Jill Nicola nicola at io.com
Fri Mar 10 22:34:55 UTC 2000

Sorry for the interruption.

My name is Jill Nicola. I work with Mark Mayfield at Nuforia, a leading 
provider of integrated e-business and strategic branding solutions.

We are looking for people with extremely strong object-oriented analysis 
 so naturally we came to the Squeak list.

The people we are looking for must be able to do object-oriented analysis 
and object modeling live, on their feet, in-front of clients, usually 
executives from established companies and new dot coms.

The object models you build will become the frameworks driving the designs 
of highly visible and interesting commercial websites.

You will work on project teams with industry leaders in graphics web design 
and business strategy.

This is not a programming job, although prototyping object models in Squeak 
is encouraged. Travel required about 25%.

Locations: Houston, Texas; New York, New York; Irvine, California.

Send resumes and inquiries to: jnicola at nuforia.com

More details below.


Required Expertise:
-  In-depth knowledge understanding of analysis and design patterns
-  In-depth knowledge of software methodologies
-  Extensive experience constructing object-oriented analysis and design models
-  Experience with one or more object-oriented programming languages
-  Understanding of Internet and web-based technologies
-  Ability to learn and integrate with new Internet methodologies and processes
-  Ability to lead and facilitate discussions with executive clients
-  Strong speaking skills. Strong writing skills

Required Skills:
-  Object-oriented analysis modeling
-  Object oriented programming techniques and experience
-  Previous code development experience in different languages
-  Experience with documenting and communicating requirements
-  Facilitation skills

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