Has anyone implemented CORBA?

David Pennell dpennell at quallaby.com
Thu Mar 9 14:04:46 UTC 2000

> >If Squeak had CORBA support I would be using it right now for
> prototyping and
> >experimenting with projects in a much broader audience.
> >
> >I think it's necessary to get Squeak widely used in the corporate world.
> Why?  Even if that were so, why would that be an important goal?

- In the part of the corporate world that I live in, CORBA is very popular.
  CORBA support in Squeak would give me another choice besides C++ and Java
  that doesn't require a whosale migration for all the components of the
- In other parts of the corporate world, COM is important for similar

  I agree with Yanni, if you aren't pursuing a general solution, easier
  alternatives exist.  I am currently living with one of those and wishing
  I had picked the general solution.

Why is this an important goal?
- For my own purely selfish reasons - because I would rather work in Squeak
  than those other languages.  I'm committed to another project at the
  Otherwise, I would be volunteering to help.

I believe that STP mentioned that Jeff Eastman was willing to assist with
his ORB to Squeak.


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