How Do You Do Business Apps? (Squeak/Pro Proposal)

gabe at gabe at
Wed Mar 1 02:24:02 UTC 2000

> Thanks again for the input. I've had several private emails about
> Squeak/Pro and there is a surprising amount of interest -- and even
> $1000+ pledged so far. Some ideas are being bounced around as to what
> would make a more interesting proposal -- one thing under consideration
> is making pledges equal to purchasing support contracts in advance.
> -Paul Fernhout
> Kurtz-Fernhout Software 

I'm in.  I'd put my pledge at the $500-$1000 level.  Do I get a T-shirt
or something?  =)

How about this:  In addition to my $500 base, I'll put up a $500
"challenge".  I'll match (US dollar for US dollar) any new pledges up to
$500.  If you get $500 in new pledges (be honest) I'll give a full $1000.
Refundable if the project craps out, of course.  That includes sudden
trips to the tropics with new-found wealth.  ;-)

Better start a web site with pledge amounts if you haven't already done so
(I'm still catching up on my reading).



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