Single page description of Smalltalk

Stephan Rudlof sr at
Wed Mar 8 03:39:06 UTC 2000

ssadams at wrote:
> "An important part of designing Smalltalk-80 programs is determining which
> kinds of objects should be described and which message names provide a
> useful vocabulary of interaction among these objects.  A language is
> designed whenever the programmer specifies the messages that can be sent to
> an object."

I want to second the high importance of choosing the right vocabulary!

With the wrong vocabulary the thinking goes wrong. That's also correct
for other programming languages.

Sometimes it has taken much time for me just to find the correct
vocabulary for methods, inst vars and classes to have a good feeling
while thinking about them.
It has to be as consistent as possible with the
- existing and with
- your
vocabulary. You are thinking with this vocabulary and if there are
inconsistent meanings, it is very difficult to think correctly while
using 'word' thinking (there are other kinds of thinking).


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