Yet Another DynaSqueak possibility?

Bijan Parsia bparsia at
Sat Mar 25 16:01:21 UTC 2000

Perhaps someone's already pointed this out?

So what.

This looks pretty darn cool:

Here's a picture of one hooked up to a LCD:

They're also working on a "Kitchen sink" board:

	The Kitchen Sink Board (KSB) provides the LART with: 

		a stereo 16-bit 44k1 audio output, at line and headphone levels 
		a 44-pin 2mm IDE/ATA interface 
		a connector for our single or quad Ethernet board 
		two PS/2 connectors (keyboard and mouse) 
		mono audio I/O from an UCB1200 
		connectors for POTS, IrDA, USB client, video and touchscreen 

Now *that* would be cool!

Alas, they aren't selling boards. Maybe some hardware savvy person could
say what it would take to get these puppies rolling?

This led me to wonder what was the minimum Linux setup for
Squeaking. I.e., if all I *really* want is a Squeak box, but I *do* want a
complete Squeak, what's the absolutle minimum  I would need from a Linux
or BSD setup to make it happen? What would be the hardware requirements of
such a setup?

Maybe we should have a Squeak Distrubution, which basically contained the
kernal + whatever else was minimally necessary + Squeak.

I'd burn a few CDs for that...

Bijan Parsia.

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