Port of the VisualWorks ParserGenerator

Roel Wuyts rwuyts at vub.ac.be
Fri Mar 24 13:23:09 UTC 2000


for some legacy reasons (you'll hear more about our work in the coming
future!) I ported the VisualWorks ParserGenerator (one of the Advanced
Tools) to Squeak. I want to share this with the community (of course) BUT I
do not know if it possible to do so... after all, this is
Parcplace-ObjectWorks-Cincom code, so I am not sure about the legal
consequences of releasing the ported code for free to the Squeak community.
I contacted people at Cincom several times now (and for the past 6 months),
but I never received an answer. Are people interested in this port ? Did
anyone else already encountered analogues porting problems ?

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