Has anyone implemented CORBA?

Ranjan Bagchi ranjan_bagchi at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 8 22:15:22 UTC 2000

This is something I'm really interested in:  Squeak could really shine for developing CORBA-ized objects, and it's a great opportunity to interact with other components in an enterprise architecture.

I wonder about the best way to do it, though:  There are a number of good open source ORBs out there:  (e.g. MICO, TAO) and it would be nice to leverage what they've done.  On the other hand, perhaps the amount of traffic between Squeak and C++ would make it prohibitive and the best result would be to do it all natively:  there's a potential for a big win here since C++ for instance turns itself on its head to treat objects "correctly" and get past typing issues.

One thing which is essential though (and part of the Corba spec) is to do IIOP correctly.  That'll allow us to "play well with others" so an architecture which just happens to have challenging objects doesn't have to do anything special to handle the squeak server.



Stephen Pair <spair at advantive.com> wrote:
Just curious if anyone has worked on a Squeak implementation of CORBA.
There's a piece of software that uses CORBA, which we would like to make
Squeak talk to.

- Stephen

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