CVSTProject needs a porter to Squeak!

JArchibald at JArchibald at
Thu Mar 30 08:38:47 UTC 2000

=> 3/28/00 1:55:09 AM, gohu at =>
<< this brings us to the question of the day - is anyone interested to pick 
up the glove regarding the Squeak port of cvstproj? Martin has worked quite 
hard to make it portable so it should be a "walk in the park"... >>


I think I might be willing to take a crack at the 'cvstproj' part. I'm going 
to be away for a few days (until Monday), but could swing into it beginning 
then. If someone else beats me to it, that's fine. 

Also, I have no familiarity with either CVS or the SIF form, but will learn 
(he says, bravely). I have worked using VW 2.5, but did not use ENVY there 
(have used ENVY with VA), but I don't see it mentioned, so I assume not used.

I will let you know where I stand early next week after I wade my way through 
the source materials.

Please let me know if there are other information sources I should be aware 
of that are not mentioned in your E-mail.

Jerry Archibald.

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