[ENH] XPMReadWriter

Duane Maxwell dmaxwell at entrypoint.com
Fri Mar 24 18:23:23 UTC 2000

Thanks - I only looked at the base image to see if XPM was supported, and
somehow missed this posting.  You are correct that Chris's implementation
is more complete, so I think that his should clearly take precedence over
mine.  Hopefully SqC will see fit to merge it in.

-- Duane

>Hi Duane,
>Please have a look at http://swiki.gsug.org/sqfixes/
>There you'll find another XPMReadWriter, nicely sorted with your's ;-)
>It seems to me like Chris' version is more complete than your's (but I
>only skimmed through the source). It would be nice to have a "definite"
>version to work with ...
>  -Bert-

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