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Fri Mar 24 19:44:33 UTC 2000

Well, I'm here in Boston!  As you can see, Chris Norton is also close by.
Where exactly do you live Ivan?

Okay now, all you other Yanks can come out of hiding!  ;-)


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"Norton, Chris" wrote:
> As Andrew G. said...  I'd like to be there if I can fit it into my
> (May is a busy month for me!).  I wanted to go to STP's gathering, but CA
> just a bit far for me to hike!
> PS>  I'm from NH, 40min north of Boston.

Well, it appears that the message I sent yesterday fell thru the cracks
when the mail server went down.  Here it is again:

Are there any Squeakers in the Northeast?  The Boston area is full of
hi-tech companies, so surely there must be somebody.  I am willing to go
to any SqueakEast event in the NYC or Boston areas, and will even travel
Montreal or Toronto if need be.  Pittsburgh?   Not quite the east I
know. :)



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