Visual representation of Squeak?

Chris Macie cjmacie at
Mon Mar 6 10:38:45 UTC 2000

At 11:39 PM 3/5/00 -0800, Andrew P. Black wrote:
>At 23:18 -0800 2000.3.5, Chris Macie wrote:
>>Apropos Argus -- reminds me of a program design / manipulation system in
>>Smalltalk-80 I recall from an OOPSLA in San Diago about 12 or so years ago,
>>with some German-word name, presented by one of the PARC old-timers.
>>(Sorry my memory isn't sharper.)
>Are you thinking of Fabrik (Dan Ingall's Visual Programming System)
>	Andrew

Right. Whatever became of that? It looked interesting.

That was back in the days when ST-80 class machines were still pretty much
pie-in-the-sky for most people. There was that ST-80 from that group out of
the Palo Alto Linus Pauling Institute, for the 80286, but it was a real dog
in terms of performance and visuals (640x350 pixels, unless one had a
super/expensive video card, AND a driver).  

"Bandwidth" is really critical to interactive productivity -- one of the
key buzwords I recall back in early PARC literature, and one of the reasons
the VisualInspector-type tools are so useful.  

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