[BUG] Dictionary>>printOn:

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at disney.com
Wed Mar 8 16:47:36 UTC 2000

Steve -

>In ChangeSet 1866 Dictionary>>printOn: was changed to use the expression
>'self keys asSortedCollection', which winds up invoking
>SortedCollection>>defaultSort:to:, which has '(di <= dj)', but lots of
>possible dictionary keys don't understand #<=.

Mea culpa on this.  I discovered it also, and shall put out a fix (with other stuff) today.

>No big deal, I reverted to the previous version of #printOn:.  
>More consistent with the spirit of the change in 1866 would be to use 
>code like DictionaryInspector>>calculateKeyArray has.

Yes.  I hadn't seen this.  It should live in Dictionary and be used in both places.

Thanks for the alert and the tip.

	- Dan

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