On Schopenhauer and Market-driven code (Was Multimedia)

Lawson English english at primenet.com
Wed Mar 15 22:40:49 UTC 2000

You guys have a remarkably narrow view of what "marketing" means.

Marketing != hype; marekting != advertising.

On Wed, Mar 15, 2000 2:16 PM, Ken G. Brown <mailto:kbrown at tnc.com> wrote:
>At 1:27 PM -0700 on 3/15/00,  Lawson English is rumored to have written:
>>On Wed, Mar 15, 2000 10:11 AM, Ken G. Brown <mailto:kbrown at tnc.com>
>>  >Please don't ever lose the desire and commitment to do the right
>>>things in the right way.
>>But, what is "the right thing?"
>I would say for me 'the right thing' is that which gets Squeak closer 
>to the 'exquisite computing environment', that which improves the 
>quality of the computing experience. For others it might indeed be a 
>VB/Hypercard layer, although you won't find me spending my time doing 
>that. If someone likes the idea, go do it.
>Buckminster Fuller said something like, "Making money and making 
>sense are mutually exclusive".
>I vote for making sense with Squeak.
>>The outcome has been that Woz is a multi-millionaire for inventing the
>>product, no-one has heard of Raskin, and Jobs is a billionaire, often
>>mentioned in the Top xx Influential Thinkers of the 20th Century lists.
>>Linux didn't really take off until commercial companies started to sell
>>CD's with installation apps on them.
>>Marketing, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, is THE key to
>>in this world.
>But, what is "success?"
>>And not just financial success. Bill Atkinson was once quoted as saying
>>something like "We set out to change the world and we did. We just didn't
>>get paid for it" [because Bill Gates gets paid for Windows]. If you want
>>something to be successful, you have to cater to the masses, whether it
>>by selling a DOS-compatible version of the Mac GUI, or by making Squeak
>>more attractive to end-user developers by catering to the needs/desires
>>the VB/HyperCard community.
>Go do it if you believe in it and you may find success and happiness.

"If everyone lived with a sense of wonder, their lives would be filled with
-Last words of Doug Henning, 5/3/47 - 2/7/00

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