who's who on swiki

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at disney.com
Fri Mar 3 15:03:32 UTC 2000

>> ....Oh, I thought this was going to be about some of the BETA folks...

Henrik Gedenryd <Henrik.Gedenryd at lucs.lu.se> wrote...
>You make unusually sophisticated geography jokes. For those who maybe didn't
>get what the joke really was, BETA was invented by some people in the nice
>city of Aarhus, DENMARK, and Kristen Nygaard is from NORWAY. ;-p

Yes, I knew this, and it's good to clarify it.  I think of BETA interest as being fairly general in Scandinavia, so I thought I could get away with "some of".  In that sense it was fuzzy logic at work rather than unusual sophistication.

	- D

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