Problem compiling 2.7 on Mac with CodeWorrier 4

Tim Rowledge tim at
Wed Mar 15 22:56:15 UTC 2000

I'm trying to build a 2.7 VM for my PowerBook using CodeWorrier 4.0,
preparatory to building the pluginised VM. Can't make it work!

First problem was that the project file included interpApr22.c instead
of interp.c ; easily fixed but a silly bug.
Next, MacTypes.h was giving an error on line 295 (or thereabouts) where
the enum for true and false is defined. It appears that we can get
around that by channging the first few lines of the mac block of
sqPlatformSpecifc.h to:-
> #ifdef macintosh
> #undef false
> #undef true
> /* macintosh memory allocation */
> #include <Memory.h>
> #define true 1
> #define false 0
> #undef sqAllocateMemory
which seems to make the compiler happy.

Next, sqMacAsynchFile.c has three red-hand errors, complaining about
PBOpenSync, PBReadAsynch and PBWriteAsynch not having any prototype. I
imagine that there is a header file missing, but which one?

Next, sqMacExternalPrims.c says:-
Error   : undefined identifier 'kCurrentCFragArch'
sqMacExternalPrims.c line 21   c2pstr(libName), kCurrentCFragArch,
action, &libHandle, &mainAddr, errorMsg);

And lastly (so far as it goes right now!):-
sqMacSounds says..
Error   : cannot convert
'long *' to
'unsigned long *'
sqMacSound.c line 394   Delay(1, &junk);

Has anybody been able to build the VM from scratch? 


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