Video redraw problem -FreeBSD/X-Windows

Bob Kot bobkat at
Thu Mar 16 21:00:28 UTC 2000

OK... thanks to all who responded. I grabbed Roland's new skeleton
deleted all the 2.4 stuff and built 2.7. During the make
I saw configure complain about something (probably the fact that
I don't have a GENERIC FreeBSD kernel) this didn't stop the make.
Also while compiling interp.c the compiler gave a warning about
an integer being too big in several lines from 229-244. Again,
warnings only so it kept going.

End result I have a 2.7VM and it does *not* exhibit the funny
redraw symptoms I was having in the 2.4VM. Both problems solved.
I'm happy!!

While I was in the re-compiling mode I wanted to get soundcard support
enabled in squeak under FreeBSD. The (ambitious)configure process makes
a bunch of default assumptions which I had to over ride. I probably
didn't do it the right way but this worked. I added these 2 lines

#define HAVE_OSS 1
#define OSS_DEVICE "/dev/dsp"    

to ../freebsd/sqUnixConfig.h

I also had to change 

#include <sys.soundcard.h> to
#include <machine/soundcard.h>
in ../src/sqUnixSound.c because the FreeBSD folks gave it a different 

Compiling this to a new VM allowed evaluating 

SoundPlayer boinkScale

to play a demo scale which worked just fine.
Now I'm real happy!!!

The OSS interface also provides for mixer control via /dev/mixer
and midi access via /dev/midi0 & /dev/sequencer is there any primitive
or high level smalltalk support for this in squeak? If not I guess
that's my cue.

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