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Fri Sep 1 17:31:57 UTC 2000

> Dan Ingalls wrote:
>> The crux of the biscuit here is:  what is the legal status of content (ie
> exported projects) that have these derived glyphs in them.
> My understanding (as someone who used to be in the typsetting business,
> not as a lawyer) is that the legal protection for fonts is not
> for the actual glyphs, but for the name of the font (trademark).
> This is why you see so many names for the same font (Helvetica/Swiss,
> for instance).
> Copyright covers as well as any program for making glyphs
> (think of Postscript or TTF or TeX, in which a font is a program).

My understanding is that the "hint code" of a TrueType font is ALSO copyrighted.
You can make a font look identical to a screen font, or even to the PS output,
but you have to use different hinting to accomplish it.

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