[ENH] BetterPhoneDialer

Duane Maxwell dmaxwell at exobox.com
Tue Sep 5 21:00:10 UTC 2000

Change Set:		BetterPhoneDialer
Date:			5 September 2000
Author:			Duane Maxwell/exobox

This changeset adds a class method to AbstractSound that generates the Dual
Tone Multiple Frequencies (DTMF) signals necessary to dial a US telephone.
Basically, you hold your handset up to your speaker and generate the tones
by sending the phone number as a string to the method AbstractSound>>dial:.
It will ignore anything but dial characters (0..9,*,#), with the exception
of the comma, which invokes a one second pause.

Also included are methods to reproduce dial tones, busy signals, even that
annoying sound when you leave your phone off hook.

This version of the code builds SequentialSounds and returns them from the
method after starting them up - that way the process isn't locked up.  It
also makes the timing more uniform for dialing.


AbstractSound dial: '867-5309'
AbstractSound dialTone: 2
AbstractSound busySignal: 3
AbstractSound hangUpWarning: 10
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