the streaming audio squeakbook chapter

russell.allen at russell.allen at
Wed Sep 6 09:48:23 UTC 2000

Hi Karl and Craig,

I managed to get Craig's audio streaming code to work on a mac with John
McIntosh's port of flow to the existing Squeak primatives

This was, however, streaming from a local hard drive - I haven't tried
streaming over a network yet.


Craig Latta <Craig.Latta at NetJam.ORG> wrote:
> Hi Karl--
> 	I'm planning for the whole shebang to work on 1 April 2001, when the
> book comes out. So far I've finished the book content, and am working on
> the server behavior it describes (including the music). So far I don't
> plan to include any software on the book's CD (just a pointer to my
> website). I'm planning to get the client working on all the Squeak
> platforms. It requires flow, which so far works only on Unix and win32;
> Mac will probably be next.
> 	thanks,
> -C
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