CORBA for Squeak?

Johan Fabry johan.fabry at
Sat Sep 30 15:41:13 UTC 2000

jchludzinski at wrote:

> Is there CORBA support for Squeak?  Is anyone working on such a
> beastie?

AFAIK there is no CORBA support for squeak yet. If you are looking for a
RPC implementation, take a look at Remote Message Passing, by yours
truly. You can find it at

The readme is also separately available:

Here's a quick snippet from the readme:
Remote Message Passing (RMP) is a lightweight Remote Procedure Calling
(RPC) implementation for Squeak. (2.7 or 2.8)

The basic requirement for RMP was SIMPLICITY. By keeping things simple
RMP is easy to learn and to use, but it still has the needed
functionality for a usable RPC implementation.

Quote from Göran Hultgren: "The code looks well written (no sweat
grokking it) and it is SIMPLE." Thanks, Göran! ;-)

RMP is inspired by CORBA and Java RMI (no need to *completely*
reinvent the wheel). However, RMP is a lot simpler to use (no defining
of interfaces, generation of stubs & skeletons).

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