[updates] 12 for 2.9alpha

Bruce ONeel beoneel at mindspring.com
Wed Sep 6 09:54:26 UTC 2000

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Dan Ingalls <Dan.Ingalls at disney.com> wrote:
> ... as follows ...
> ----------------------------
> 2559TwoFixes-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 1 September 2000
> #1: A wakeup fix for the Wonderland scheduler.
> #2: A 'workaround-fix' for annoying primitive failures in the 3D engine.
> 2560chgSorterKeys-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 31 August 2000
> Adds accelerator keys for the changeset-list pane of a change sorter, as follows:
> 	cmd-b	Browse methods of change set.
> 	cmd-c	Make changes go to me
> 	cmd-f	Find a change set by name
> 	cmd-n	reName change set
> 	cmd-o	file Out change set
> 	cmd-p	add or change the Preamble
> 	cmd-x	destroy change set"
> 2561twiddling-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 1 September 2000
> * If you edit the label of a collapsed morph, the morph it represents acquires the edited label as its new name (thanks to Kim Rose for suggestion)
> * A special window-title menu is provided for CollapsedMorph; the generic one had some inappropriate items (e.g. 'full screen').
> * Bulletproofed the code that determines the wording of the 'undo' menu item against falling off the leading edge of the undo tape."
> 2562EventFix-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 1 September 2000
> Fixes a bug in reporting the interrupt key which was testing for the time stamp rather than the press code." 
> 2563RoundCorners-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 1 September 2000
> The long-standing cleanup for rounding corners. Makes corner rounding a responsibility of the Canvas and gets rid of many of the complications in several #fullDrawOn: methods. Also changes the rules for sending #fullDrawOn: - the message should never be send to any other morph (except from super-sends) since it'll bypass the corner rounder mechanism that's supplied in Canvas>>fullDrawMorph: (which should be used instead). Any morph responding with true to #wantsRoundedCorners will get rounded corners if the canvas supports it. 
> Optionally, morphs can implement #roundedCorners to return a list of those corners to actually round (the numbering of the corners has been taken from FlapTab so ask Scott about what number means what corner ;-))
> 2564OC-fix-bf -- Bert Freudenberg -- 18 May 2000
> Fixes two OrderedCollection methods."
> 2565B3DExploreUpdate-ti
> 2566B3DExploreArcball-ti
> 2567fastColorIcon-al -- Alexander Lazarevic -- 4 September 2000
> An icon for the new recolor halo. (see changeset 2535)"
> 2568colorFix-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 5 September 2000
> Makes undo work for color changes even when the fillStyle property, rather than the color slot, are used to hold the color.
> Also fixes the bug that attempts to change gradient colors brought up debuggers because the FillStyles didn't understand the refineXXX messages."
> 2569RectangleCopy-di -- Dan Ingalls -- 3 September 2000
> Changes the semantics to Rectangle>>copy from deep to shallow copy.  This is consistent with the general use of Rectangles as pure objects (ie not stored into after creation).
> The use of deepCopy had been significant (bad) in the case of subclasses of rectangle, such as CharacterBlock where it cause the text to be copied for every line (this changeset removes the particular work-around).
> Also removes several methods for copying Points and Rectangles that did not significantly impact performance.
> 2570BetterItalics-di -- Dan Ingalls -- 1 September 2000
> This changeSet computes non-overlapping synthetic italics, and uses negative kern to keep the original width in the displayed text.  
> In morphic this is straightforward, but in MVC, the display rule had to be changed to 'paint' to prevent kerned characters from obliterating characters overlapping to their left.  This in turn led to a simplification of the background fill operation to a single per-line blt.

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