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David G. Durand david at
Wed Sep 27 19:06:38 UTC 2000

I'm not an experienced Smalltalker by any stretch of the imagination, 
though I've played with Smalltalk systems a number of times. However, 
spurred by an interest in playing with the release of the 
Xanadu code, I've become re-interested in Smalltalk and I'm now 
thinking of doing some side projects in it.

My problem is that I decided that I really want the Antialiased 
fonts, but I can't get the released version to work properly on 
Squeak 2.8. I fixed a couple of small breakages (the removal of the 
QuickPrint Object and its replacement by a method in DisplayScanner, 
for instance), but it just doesn't work properly.

I've tried to trace the rendering flow of control, and I determined 
that adding a displayString:on:from:to:at:kern: method to 
AntialiasedFont seems to fix text display in the MVC world, but 
characters in TextMorphs would always come out as black blobs. At 
this point, my grasp of the fine points of BitBlt and display depths, 
etc. fails me.

It seems significant to me that I can hack MVC to work and not 
morphic, but I can't tell why.

Has anyone faced and conquered this problem? Are the anti-aliased 
fonts something that might make their way into the mainline Squeak 
development at some point?

I'm happy to send my changes so far, if they'd help someone else 
who's interested in this problem and competent to solve it.

   -- David
David Durand
david at
Chief Technical Officer
Dynamic Diagrams

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