[updates] 7 more for 2.9alpha

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at disney.com
Fri Sep 1 16:17:18 UTC 2000

... as follows ...

2552miscFixes-raa -- Bob Arning -- 31 August 2000
- initialize EToySenderMorph with user's name and IP address when taken from new morph menu
- fixed walkback when deleting ProjectNavigationMorph from the control menu"

2553CmdHistory-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 31 August 2000
Fixes the command history from a global singular object to a property of the current world. Enables project swapping to work again, disables undo-ing operations in other project etc.

2554VRMLAnimMesh -- Andreas Raab -- 31 August 2000
Enable import and animation of interpolated (VRML) meshes into Wonderlands."

2555nebraskaTransform-raa -- Bob Arning -- 1 September 2000
- fixed Nebraska clipping test to include transformation so that rotated/scaled images will show"

2556SelectionTweak2-di -- Dan Ingalls -- 1 September 2000
Fixes a bug that left pieces of the selection frame visible.

2557PaintBox5-tk -- Ted Kaehler -- 1 Sept 2000
Make the Prototype PaintBox have its shapes palette in the right place.  It was detached from the PaintBox."
(PaintBoxMorph prototype) toggleStamps; toggleStamps.

2558SelectionTweak3-di -- Dan Ingalls -- 1 September 2000
Causes a selection-in-hand to be properly aligned with the cursor.
This makes it simpler to plan where to click down, especially if you
wish to draw out the selection upward or to the left.

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