Zope features in Swiki?

Kevin Fisher kgf at golden.net
Fri Sep 22 20:01:07 UTC 2000

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> >To have a look at what Stef is talking about check out
> ><http://www.zope.org>.
> What are the features of Zope that you'd like to see in Swiki? I've 
> never used Zope, but when I've talked to serious Zope users, they 
> tell me that it's pretty complicated to set-up and use, which has 
> kept me away from it.

Well, I don't know about complexity...I run Zope as my 'personal' web server 
and I find it quite nice and it wasn't all that complicated to get going...but 
then again I had prior experience setting it up as a corporate app server on 
our intranet at my old job.  I think the trouble people have is thinking of a 
web server in terms of objects, as opposed to pages.  You can do some pretty 
neat stuff with DTML if you're so inclined...

I like the 'extensibility' of the whole thing, specifically being able to add 
stuff like Slashdot-like web boards (see www.squishdot.org for the code) and 
other goodies.  I think there are some ODBC hooks to tie it to your database 
of choice, as well as other stuff.    Being able to plublish pages to it from 
Netscape Composer was kinda fun, too.

I experimented with a 'ZWiki' module (basically a Wiki based in Python/Zope) 
not long ago...it had promise, although I still prefer the SWiki way of doing 

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