Masato Sumi sumi at seagreen.ocn.ne.jp
Thu Sep 7 08:59:02 UTC 2000

Not 2.8 yet, but 2.7 could be run on MIPS or SH-3 based Windows CE devices
including Palm-size PC that you wish, I think.  Unfortunately, more powerful
ARM based WinCE devices recently released are not supported at this time.
You could find and get the stuff from,


In order to use a full image (not a shranken image), you also need a compact
flash memory module larger than 24M, system registry editing tool and/or
technique, and some patches for solving the directory system and the
pointing device incompatibility.  You could find these patches from this
mailing list's log.

Of course, you have another good choice by using wellknown Yoshiki's ZauChu!


Let's try and enjoy Palm-size Squeaking!

Masato Sumi

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