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Ian Piumarta Ian.Piumarta at
Wed Sep 6 16:58:03 UTC 2000

Any chance we could schlurp this (or something similar) into
the standard 2.[89] images?  (Otherwise the manual page for
Unix Squeak tells big bad ugly lies w.r.t. document files
and Squeak "scripts".)


'From Squeak2.8 of 13 June 2000 [latest update: #2359] on 27 August 2000 at 6:53:42 pm'!
"Change Set:		UnixDocFile-IKP
Date:			27 August 2000
Author:			Ian Piumarta

Discards the first line of a 'document' file in Unix if it begins with '#!!' before filing it in."!

!FileStream methodsFor: 'fileIn/Out' stamp: 'ikp 8/27/2000 18:51'!
	"Skip past the first line if it begins with '#!!'.  Needed to support
	self-interpreting document files in Unix.  ikp 8/27/2000 18:26"
	(self next == $# and: [self next == $!!])
		ifTrue: [self upTo: Character lf]
		ifFalse: [self reset].
	^self! !

!SystemDictionary methodsFor: 'snapshot and quit' stamp: 'ikp 8/27/2000 18:44'!
	"Process system updates. Read a document file, if one was provided. Start application."

	| fileName object |
	StartupStamp _ '----STARTUP----', Time dateAndTimeNow printString, ' as ', Smalltalk imageName.
	self processUpdates.
	fileName _ Smalltalk getSystemAttribute: 2.
	((fileName ~~ nil) and: [fileName size > 0])
		ifTrue: [
			(fileName asLowercase beginsWith: 'http://')
				ifTrue: [
					"fetch remote file"
					HTTPSocket httpFileIn: fileName]
				ifFalse: [
					"read local file"
					object _ (FileStream oldFileNamed: fileName)
					"if launching a .sqo document, send open to the final object"
					(fileName endsWith: '.sqo') ifTrue: [object open]]]
		ifFalse: [
			(Preferences valueOfFlag: #startImagineeringStudio)
				ifTrue: [ScriptingSystem openImagineeringStudio]].
! !

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