OT: PDF vs PS Was: [newbie] Printing

Aaron Thieme ghede at well.com
Tue Sep 12 00:59:00 UTC 2000

> 	Both PS and PDF are extremely portable.  PDF is a better format, but not
> 	because it's available on more platforms.
> I'm sorry to have to tell you that PDF is not at all portable.
> Just yesterday I fetched a PDF file from America.  It displayed
> ok on the screen, but was garbled to the point of unreadability
> on paper.  This *often* happens.  (One effect is that some printing

As someone who has had had to create dozens of PDF documents for our
website, I would submit that this is generally the fault of the person who
created the PDF, not the format itself.  There are multiple ways to create
PDFs from documents, and some are definitely superior to others.  
Distiller in particular is quite configurable as far as how fonts are
treated during the creation process.

I would temper myself as far as the language "at fault" goes, except that
most of the time it's been my own laziness, rather than a weakness in the
available tools, that's been behind similar problems of our own...

Ever your humble

  ghede at well.com

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