Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at disney.com
Wed Sep 27 01:34:56 UTC 2000

>I noticed the World Menu problem with 2.9a-2657 using a 2.8 Windows VM.
>It appears to be somewhat intermittent.
>Clicking in the World doesn't bring up a menu, but holding the button down a bit longer almost always produces a World Menu.  I didn't notice whether I was eToyFriendly or not, but I'll check next time.  In any case, you don't have to use the Mac VM or go past 2657 to experience problems with the World Menu.  [I always wait for Dan's announcement before jumping into the abyss].

Ahah, there is another thing going on here.  The recent changes distinguish between momentary clicks and extended clicks in the world.  This is due to the use of momentary clicks to "shake off" halos (where you don't want to bring up a world menu), and also to open the possibility of other getsures, such as dragging out a multiple selection.  In this specific case, we decided to use shift-drag, but still, that's why momentary clicks are no longer giving you the world menu.  It wouldn't be hard to make that a preference if a lot of people care.

>Other than that, I find each minute spent with Squeak yields at least one moment of surprise and delight.

Glad to hear it.

	- Dan

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