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Sat Sep 2 22:44:47 UTC 2000

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<< I recently downloading Squeak and played around with it.  It is pretty 
cool and a lot of fun.  I'm curious however, what are some of the main uses 
Squeak is good at?  A friend said he uses it for hacking out ideas before 
writing the apps in java.  I'd like to know what you guys use it for. >>

Hi Scott,

Does changing the world count? :-)

I think that many in the Squeak community, when discussing things that Squeak 
is _not_ good at (at least potentially), take that as a starting point for a 
discussion. Something along the lines of: "Well, if it's not good for that, 
how do we change it so that it is?". Occasionally some topic comes up for 
which it is argued, "Well, you shouldn't be doing that anyways," but the 
Squeak community seems to represent an extremely broad spectrum of interests, 
so that doesn't happen too often <unless, of course, you shouldn't be doing 
that anyways> :-) .


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