Why aren't these Disney Python jobs for Squeak?

Griggs, Travis tgriggs at keyww.com
Fri Sep 22 17:18:30 UTC 2000

Florin X Mateoc wrote:

> It might be plain silly, but you conveniently gloss over minor details like:
> these were not positions at Disney as an enterprise, they were specifically in
> the Imagineering group, and they talk about
> > robust and efficient client and server software for network games,
> > both massively multiplayer and for small groups of players.
> which is not just "something", but seems to be exactly Squeak's mandate in
> exactly the same group.
> If they don't use it there, who else would use it in a non-hobbyist environment

Hey! Maybe just like every other company that has moderately sized groups, there
are language advocacy factions within the department. Seems like every company I've
worked at or heard about that uses Smalltalk, you get to fight the Smalltalk vs.
Whatever war internal. Alan and Dan and Scott and Ted and Andreas and John's
presence as a team at Disney may make for a programming environment that is
surrealistically cool, but people dynamics within a company are largely independent
whether you're using the Starship Enterprises's talking super-sub-space computer,
or rearranging vacuum tubes in ENIAC.

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