2.8 based VM for WinCE request

Raab, Andreas Andreas.Raab at disney.com
Thu Sep 28 03:53:13 UTC 2000

Sigh. The plan was to fix up some little issues and put out release VMs by
or before mid-august (basically before SIGGRAPH). Was then moved back due to
too much other stuff and after Ian's new VMs were out I was hoping to find
just a little time to also adjust it to his directory structure (which is
superior to anything we have these days). And I still haven't even gotten
around to do those little fixes yet. And considering what's up next here I'm
somewhat doubting that there will be any development very soon.

Perhaps it's time to give up the Win32 VM maintenance to people who have a
bit of time for it. Anyone interested in taking over?! If so, drop me a note

  - Andreas

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> Subject: 2.8 based VM for WinCE request
> Andreas, 
> Would you tell us the plan, if you have, for porting the 2.8 
> based VM for
> CE?  Recently, of course I know you know, the CE devices come 
> to work very
> at high speed and storage card's memory size becomes large 
> enough store full
> image, changes and source files.  In addition, It could not 
> deny the feeling
> the 2.7, that I'm using on CE, became somewhat old.  I think 
> that not so few
> potential Palm-size and Handheld Squeakers are looking 
> forward to being able
> to use 2.8 image and Dan's PIM on such as new MIPS 168MHz CE devices.
> Broken English, sorry!
> Thanks,
> -- 
> Masato Sumi

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