World Menu and Halo Response [was: Re: Updates]

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at
Thu Sep 28 04:31:29 UTC 2000

>I figured that there wasn't an easy solution, since the
>drag-for-multiselection capability was added, but now that you've
>changed that to use shift-drag, well... :)  I think either of these two
>options would be preferable to the current situation:
>1. A left-button (red button) click anywhere in a Morphic world
>background gets rid of any existing halos, and also brings up the World
>Menu.  (The duration of the mouse click doesn't matter.)

If youwant to be a test pilot, try out the attached fileIn.  As the preamble says...

Two little changes with big impact for halos in the world.
The first ensures dismissal of all halos (including world halos)
when you click in the world.

The second prevents world halos from noting the entire screen as damaged.
For this reason, there is much less delay when invoking or dismissing a world halo.

Please let me know if it works for you.

	- Dan
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