[SMALL BUG]TranscriptStream in MVC?

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at disney.com
Fri Sep 15 16:23:45 UTC 2000

"G–ran" Hultgren <gohu at rocketmail.com> wrote...
>Just a silly thing that I did not understand yesterday, executing first three lines by doit:
>transcript := TranscriptStream new.
>transcript openLabel: 'Test'.
>transcript show: 'Why does not this text show up?';cr.
>This opens the new Transcript but no text is shown.
>transcript show: 'But this does!!!';cr.
>Then executing this doit afterwards shows up just fine. Obviously this is a very explainable and
>simple problem if one where to dig into the inner workings of MVC!? :-)
>Note: In morphic this works, but not in MVC.

You were only lucky if this worked in morphic.  I executed
	Transcript cr; print: 3
with a transcript open, and saw nothing until I did
	Transcript endEntry.

There's a long and now indefensible tradition that transcript dialogs must invoke the message #endEntry whenever you expect the current contents to be fully visible.  There's also an equally indefensible piece of history that #show: includes an endEntry at the end.

It is surely time to eliminate this source of mystery, and make transcripts constantly up-to-date.  If a transcript can print faster than you can read, it's certainly silly to worry about the cost of an update after every item printed.

	- Dan

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