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John M McIntosh johnmci at
Sun Sep 17 05:36:38 UTC 2000

on 9/16/00 7:29 AM, Karl Ramberg at karl.ramberg at wrote:
>> At 6:28 PM +0200 8/14/00, Karl Ramberg wrote:
>>> They have made Quicktime for Linux, libmpeg2-1.1.5, and some other stuff.
>>> Source code under GPL mostly.
> Anybody picked up this or want to take a joint stab at it ? I would like
> to 
> be able to do some crossplatform video playback etc. so I need this
> plugin... 

Yes I'm doing something on this right now. I've numerous mpeg players apart
on my desktop and have built two candidates for Squeak as plugins to decode
mpeg2 video and hopefully mpeg2-level 3 (aka mpg3) audio. I should have a
better understanding of the choices and how they work later this week, and I
am hoping to build a crude plugin early in the week.

> Anybody have any suggestions ?
> Karl

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