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From:  Dean Swan at MITEL on 09/21/2000 12:44 PM

Oops!  My apologies - I had a typo in the URL for Andreas' sources.


Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM on 09/21/2000 12:38:22 PM

Please respond to squeak at cs.uiuc.edu

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Subject:  RE: Squeak on an iPAQ

From:  Dean Swan at MITEL on 09/21/2000 12:38 PM


All that should be necessary is to take Andreas's sources and recompile them for
an ARM target.  The sources are at:


And you can order the development tools from Microsoft at:


The cost is $7.50 US to cover shipping and handling (or $14.95 US for orders
outside of US and Canada).

     Please note that the sources I pointed you to are for a Squeak 2.7 VM,
which, I beleive, is the most recent "official" (i.e. non-alpha, non-beta,
non-gamma) release of Squeak.

     I haven't tried this yet myself to the extreme lack of availability of iPaq
H3650's, and I don't want one bad enough to pay $700 US or more on e-Bay, and
except that the screen is unreadable outdoors, my Casio E-105 has been working
fine for pocket Squeaking.

                                         -Dean Swan
                                         dean_swan at mitel.com

Mike Shields <Mike_Shields at gscmobilesolutions.com> on 09/21/2000 11:57:50 AM

Please respond to squeak at cs.uiuc.edu

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Subject:  RE: Squeak on an iPAQ

Right, it's a handheld. It runs WinCE 3.0, and the OS is in Flash ROM. It
has 16mb of Flash ROM, and 32mb of SDRAM. Linux has been ported to it, and I
think I remember that squeak runs on Linux/ARM, so that might be easy.
However, I'm kinda shy about flashing my rom and maybe rendering my new toy

I thought squeak had already been ported to versions of CE, figured it might
just be a minimal effort port to get it working on the iPAQ.

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I assume he means the iPAQ H3650 -
http://www6.compaq.com/products/handhelds/pocketpc/H3650.html - which is
a handheld with a 206MHz StrongARM CPU and a color screen - it comes
with Windows PocketPC (a version of CE). BTW, I think the Compaq Aero
1550 has its PocketPC OS in a removeable rom - if the H3650 does too,
well, that could be quite interesting.

-- Dwight

JArchibald at aol.com wrote:
> => 9/21/00 11:11:30 AM EDT, Mike_Shields at gscmobilesolutions.com =>
> << I just recently bought an iPAQ, and I would kill to be able to run
> (or any smalltalk) on it. I'm a smalltalk developer, and it looks like it
> wouldn't be too hard to port squeak to the iPAQ. Thoughts? >>
> The iPAQ is a Windows machine, is it not? (Latest versions I've seen for
> have Win'2000 installed.) Unless you're loading some other operating
> on it, simply downloading the appropriate version of Squeak from archive,
> unpacking it, and starting it is all you need to do. Archive is at
> ftp://st.cs.uiuc.edu/pub/Smalltalk/Squeak/
> Or am I missing something here?
> You can also download non-commercial version of VisualWorks 5i (which is a
> complete version of VW, with all the extras, manuals, etc) and run it too.
> Most of the other Smalltalks have free or trial versions also which run
> Windows operating systems.
> Cheers,
> Jerry.
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