more than GUI?

pu tizi putizi at
Mon Sep 11 23:54:48 UTC 2000

Yes, Squeak is a cool system to all platforms. But will that prevents
us from extend its usage into some wonderful new area? I mean we might
someday make the full out of it ON some SPECIAL OS platform, just once,
to see something interesting that would happen:
Who would be so kind to make a SmallTalkSHell(STSH) for, let's say,
the Linux or BSD system just using Squeak? That will yield us:
1.A chance to think of/in Squeak in a quite different way and
2.We will change the whole filesystem into a somekind of object oriented
look, an objectsystem, you may call it and
3.We will get a another style of history editing and "command" 
	extending utilities and to some object as if a directory then talk to it and
5.reuse the whole GNU/Linux in an odd way, for example:
	$ cd Object
	$ ls 
	while $ implies Smalltalk now, and
6.we pipe the outcoming of a Linux command into our Object-Message-flow and
7.we would redirect the returning of a message to a file or printer or net
	or smell object or anyother thing you could think of by a '>' in
	its common looking or we could
8.put them onto the end of those by another producer, may or may not it a 
	Squeak message and
9.we, perhaps, could make it possible that other langues might feel it
	more comfortabl and easier to run in our Shell environment! :=(
10.To be serious, some other kind of UI not only will be exciting to some 
	good people who will use them in their uncommon need but also will
	release or liberate( I am not to calling a WAR ) the internal 
	energy to a full extent...can we just TALK to smallTalk without the 
	help of a screen? My eyesight is not so good...

Thank you for reading. No war.

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