SqueakNOS and Squeak in Internet applications

Scott Jaderholm lispbliss at sage.cortland.com
Thu Sep 7 01:21:54 UTC 2000


I've been very impressed with Squeak.  Thank you to all the developers
and contributers!!

I looked at the SqueakNOS website, but I couldn't find a clear
explanation of how far they are or what all works..  Can anyone give
me answers?

Also, I'm currently considering making an application that is accessed
through a webbrowser with a Common Lisp packaged called IMHO.  An
example of what it is capable of is http://wco-beta.onshore.com
login:admin password:admin (click on Media Center).  I'm curious
whether Squeak is capable of something like this..


J. Scott Jaderholm              lispbliss at sage.cortland.com
"Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original
dimensions."  Oliver Wendell Holmes (a Lisp programmer at heart)

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