[ENH] ConnectorMorph for connecting Morphs with lines

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Sat Sep 2 18:40:17 UTC 2000

This changeSet defines ConnectorMorph. A ConnectorMorph is an open PolygonMorph
that tracks Morphs that are connected to its ends.

This can be used in general-purpose drawings (like UML class diagrams, or
organization charts) that require connection lines between Morphs.

Arrowhead geometry has been fixed so that arrowheads now don't extend past the
end vertices of the ConnectorMorph.

You can construct a ConnectorMorph from the New Morph menu choice (select from
the alphabetical list), or by invoking:

	ConnectorMorph new openInWorld

The ConnectorMorph can be made to display its handles by shift-clicking on it.
Then the end handles can be dropped on Morphs.

I'd welcome feedback on this. I will be making a general-purpose drawing package
out of this that will include a playfield to draw on, a parts bin to hold
drawing objects (including connectors), and a toolbar area for special verbs.

Ned Konz
currently: Stanwood, WA
email:     ned at bike-nomad.com
homepage:  http://bike-nomad.com
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