Running out of memory

Eric Arseneau eat at
Thu Sep 7 17:19:48 UTC 2000

> Tim Rowledge wrote:
> >
> > "Eric Arseneau" <eat at> is widely believed to have written:
> >
> > > Does Squeak request more memory from the OS as it needs it,
> or does it have
> > > to allocate it all from the beginning ?
> > The latter.
> Depends on the platform actually. In the Win32 VMs the maximum
> allocation can be set from the command line, but the VM normally only
> allocates part of this at startup -- capturing memory access faults
> before triggering more memory allocation. I have 32MB "allocated" from
> my command line, but my Squeak process is only using about 9.8MB at
> startup on NT -- however, the image "sees" 32MB available.

What happend if there is no parameter ?  It uses up memory as needed, or
there is some default.  If the Windows VM works as you say, then I can just
set a nice BIG number from the start, and be assured that Squeak won't use
unless it is necessary.

Does anybody know what this default ceiling is, if there is one ?

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