Rough first version of SCAN server up

danielv at danielv at
Sat Sep 23 19:28:06 UTC 2000

Looked at it, pretty responsive. 
If you need testing, I would like to use it.

I like the concept of Gossip, and am wondering what kinds you have in

Seems to me that this could be a vehicle for supporting many aspects of
development -
1. Issues tracking - allow users to register bugs/requirements and
developers to track them, keeping a record of what been done already
(hopefully an FAQ solver)
2. Test management - allow people to conribute tests, test run results
(a precise form of submitting bug)
3. Noting conflicts/dependencies among different projects. For example,
knowing that version X of Celeste works for Squeak after update 2450 and
upto 2560 (which update supposedly breaks it) would be useful to fixing

What do you think?

Another question - whats with the funky question marks?

Hans-Martin Mosner <hm.mosner at> wrote:
> Hi,
> today I managed to install a rough first version of the SCAN repository
> HTTP server at
> This one does not do uploads yet, and if you manage to find the sources
> (they're all there) you'll see that there are a lot of things missing.
> However, the navigation, retrieval and search seem to work fine.
> BTW, this thing runs in a 2.9alpha image/VM under SuSE Linux 6.3 on a
> 700MHz PIII. The access times look very good, and although the
> repository is quite small now, I expect the performance to stay mostly
> the same when it gets larger.
> During the next week, I'll do some more stuff to integrate SCAN with the
> ChangeSet mechanism, and it will hopefully support installation of local
> repositories with replication soon.
> Hans-Martin

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