[updates] 39 more for Squeak 2.9alpha

Henrik Gedenryd Henrik.Gedenryd at lucs.lu.se
Tue Sep 19 09:27:00 UTC 2000

Dan Ingalls wrote:

> Chgsort-MethFind-jcg.cs
> This seemed to overlap the existing fucntionality of the 'changes sets with
> this method' command in most method panes.

Thanks for your discrimination in the cases you mentioned, Dan. However, in
this case there is a difference: The existing command looks for a method in
the specifid class only, not eg. in superclasses. So if you want to know
eg., like I did, where the definition of OrderedCollection>>species was
changed, then you're out of luck, because it is not defined in OC itself.

When hunting down the collection bugs, as I've been trying to, it would have
been essential to find the change sets where the definitions of species have
been changed, so as to reveal the intention behind these changes. Without
knowing the intention I think it is too dangerous to modify such central
behavior. So in this case, searching for any change (incl. deletion) of any
implementation of #species would have been a great help--note that the
current functionality doesn't handle deletions either.

Would it be an idea to replace the existing one with the more general
behavior, instead of just adding it?


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