Squeak on an iPAQ

Treis, Ken KTreis at keyww.com
Thu Sep 21 17:36:06 UTC 2000

Karl Ramberg wrote:

> Craig Latta wrote this a few days back
> Hi--
>         The Unix Squeak virtual machine and compiled external plugins for
> GNU/Linux (2.8.3, x86), OpenBSD (2.9a, x86), and NetWinder (2.9a) are
> available from http://netjam.org/smalltalk. They will run headless, and
> debugging is enabled. Note that the NetWinder is StrongARM-based; it
> might make a suitable cross-compiler for the Compaq iPAQ H3600 Pocket PC
> (as soon as I can get one I'll know :).

See also http://www.handhelds.org/projects/skiffcluster.html -- there are 5
StrongARM machines set up (running Linux, mounting common /home via NFS) for you
to compile natively on.  People have been using them to port some of the old DEC
Itsy programs.

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