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Stephane Ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Fri Sep 22 14:51:45 UTC 2000

> Hmm. A month ago someone asked for this and I announced that I had done it,
> but it wasn't ready for release. One thing isn't fixed: handling the case
> when the contents of the listed file have been edited. One improvement is
> needed: allowing classes to register after: #AnotherClass to get some
> minimal ordering among menu entries. And it's not tested with the latest
> updates.

I agree.

> Feel free to look at it, fix it or steal from it or whatever. I think some
> parts of my "service registry" are slightly better (eg. uses methods instead
> of blocks), while some of your suggestions are better than my one-afternoon
> hack.

I will look at it.
Isent your code to john

> Otherwise, it's strikingly similar to what you describe.
> Similar registries are needed in two other parts of the system (at least).
> One is the editor commands & shortcut bindings that have to be hardcoded
> into #ParagraphEditor class. This is probably easier than the FileList.

I will look at it. 

> The other is Preferences. This is a bit harder, but dearly needed--arbitrary
> parts of the system shouldn't add functionality to this class. Instead they
> should probably subclass a generic Preferences class, and then register
> them. The question is whether each piece of code should also be responsible
> for drawing its pane in the preferences.
> Then there's the problem with Utilities. Frankly I think this class could be
> completely removed, and(/or at least) the cross-dependent code moved to the
> proper places.

AGREE a horrible one. The Dark face of Squeak.

> Henrik

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