OOPSLA anyone?

Norton, Chris chrisn at Kronos.com
Thu Sep 7 23:39:33 UTC 2000

Hi Göran & friends!

On 08/23/2000 Göran Hultgren (goran.hultgren at bluefish.se) asked:  "Just
wondering, anyone going to OOPSLA? :-) (I will go there together with 2

Yes!  Sorry about the late reply -- I just got registered today.  :-)

Unfortunately, I will have to leave the conference on Wednesday night.  I'm
hoping that the Squeak BOF will happen before that!

I'm planning on being at OOPSLA from Saturday evening until Wednesday
evening (I'll be catching a plane back to Boston after the evening tutorial

Is anyone else interested in getting together to discuss all things Squeak


---==> Chris

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