Q for Celeste users

Bob Arning arning at charm.net
Thu Sep 14 19:13:22 UTC 2000

Celeste users:

I have been doing a little tweaking necessary to get Celeste working when Squeak is running in a browser. The problems I have hit so far are the uses of
	IndexFile>>logStream and MailDBFile>>save

which were using local file names and should really be full path names. I got it working and then started to wonder about some lack of clarity here. The default for Celeste are files like EMAIL.xxx in the squeak directory, but there appears to be the possibility that some other directory might be used. So the question is:

Does anyone use Celeste where the files are
(a) in a directory *below* the squeak directory or
(b) in a directory *outside* the squeak directory?

Case (a) might continue to work in a browser, but case (b) would not. Are either of these actually used or planned?


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