Q for Celeste users

Kevin Fisher kgf at golden.net
Thu Sep 14 19:38:59 UTC 2000


> Does anyone use Celeste where the files are
> (a) in a directory *below* the squeak directory or
> (b) in a directory *outside* the squeak directory?
> Case (a) might continue to work in a browser, but case (b) would not. Are either of these actually used or planned?
> Cheers,
> Bob

Myself, I use the EMAIL folders in the same directory as the Squeak image.

As for what could be done in the future, who knows?  So far I've noticed
that just about everything squeak-related resides in the install directory
(which can make for a messy directory, after a time).  In the UNIX
world it might be nice to store the EMAIL folders in a hidden directory
off the user's home directory, or even better, to make use of standard
UNIX Mail folders.  I know I'd find it handy if Celeste let you specify
where you want the folders... 

Of course, I could still do all that with the magic of symbolic links too,
I suppose...

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