Refactoring Browser

Hans-Martin Mosner hm.mosner at
Sat Sep 16 19:56:36 UTC 2000

The RB parser is really a nice piece of work, especially since it is
embedded in a framework that supports code reflection and manipulation.
To make good use of it in the Squeak environment, someone (or sometwo)
would have to do the following:
1. create a Squeak bytecode generator
2. create a C code generator for Slang.
The second goal should be rather straightforward, as the C code
generator already has its own parse tree system. Merging that with the
RB parse trees would be nice but not mandatory.
The first goal is somewhat more complicated: Currently, the parse nodes
carry a lot of low-level information regarding the actual bytecodes with
them. Burdening the RB parse nodes with all that information seems not
the right way to attack the problem, but I don't see another simple
solution either.


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