can't file-in a project?

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at
Sun Sep 10 17:49:25 UTC 2000

OK, now I'm gonna reveal the depths of my ignorance, but I did
the following:

1) create a (morphic) project
2) jump into it
3) did some hacking: added a category, two classes, and a window or two
4) file-out the project
5) quit (no save) the image
... small time passes
6) launch a distribution image
7) open file browser
8) select the .project file
9) select "file in as project"

And oops... it tells me that an instance of my class is trying to be
created, but the class is not defined.  I tried various stabs at the
three choices it gives, but none of them seemed to just keep going to
chug along on sucking the whole project in.

Where did I go wrong?  How can I recover my work?  I didn't do
too much, thankfully. :)

* Should I be using changesets to hold my work instead of project-save/restore?
* Can Morphic Projects be saved as a morph instead?

By the way, I'm working on a modified Earley parser.  If anyone wants
to play with me, I'll be happy to exchange some ideas I having.  I
started writing it in Perl, to which it eventually needs to be ported,
but I kept going "darn, this looks like something I can use to sink my
teeth into some practical Squeak work".  Besides, I found myself
needing a hash keyed by an object, not by a string, and said "darn,
in Smalltalk, that's a Dictionary". :)

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