VM generation problem (Linux)

Mats Nygren nygren at sics.se
Mon Sep 18 14:03:24 UTC 2000

Bert, Ian, (alphabetically;)

Thanks for the help.

I'm assuming the following should be before "#endif /* macintosh */"

/* prototypes missing from CW11 headers */
#include <textutils.h>

void CopyPascalStringToC(ConstStr255Param src, char* dst);
void CopyCStringToPascal(const char* src, Str255 dst);

It's getting closer but now I get the good old FFI-stuff back

  /home1/src/s284/Squeak-2.8/build/../src/generated/sqNamedPrims.c:500: undefined
  reference to `SqueakFFIPrims_primitiveFFIIntegerAt'                             

and all of its brothers, sisters and who knows

some comments/questions

How is machine generation for linux supposed to work the nearest future?

I assume that writeSupportFiles should be considered the source, Ian's tarball
contains the same, for convenience. Correct?

How do you feel about moving some of the functionality now achieved with
cpp-#ifdef's and such into the image, producing sources for different
purposes? As you probably know I'm working with the code generation and
producing different versions of the code in C is no more difficult then
producing code in different languages. It should fit into the machinery I'm

Is it necessary to read things created from configure to achieve that?

This would include the gnuification process too. Haven't looked at it yet but
it shouldn't be more difficult to do it in Squeak then it is in its present form?


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