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Fri Sep 8 12:14:21 UTC 2000

Hi all,

I recently played with the Squeak webbrowser plugins, and *really* like
what I am seeing.  I'm sure that everyone else understands their
potential (probably better then I do).

I have a server (simple midrange pentium running Red Hat Linux) which I
am not doing much with, as the reason I got it didn't eventuate. 
Currently it is running a couple of small sites off zope (which is an
excellent environment, btw).

What I am thinking of doing is making space on this machine available
for squeaklets (however we define them...)  ie people can get an account
a la geocities, and use the space to put up innovative multimedia squeak
stuff(TM).  The site would also provide a point to download installers
for the plugins, a directory of squeak enabled sites, documentation for
creating squeaklets and so on.

Before I start, however, there are a couple of questions:
	+ would anyone be interested in using a site like this?

	+ would anyone be interested in helping me with this site?

	+ what services should be available?  To make the best squeaklets, some
sort of server side will be neccessary to balance the client side.  I am
willing to give as much server control as is possible subject to
security and resource issues.  What should this mean in practice? What
is a squeaklet likely to need server side?

I also need a domain name (suggestion anyone?).

So, what do you think?


Russell Allen

russell.allen at


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